When it comes to test preps, there is one goal in sight, and that is to ace that test.

It is the final chance you have to get in line with the body of work you have done during the school term/semester, and hence, must be taken very seriously.

Test prep is quite focused on the goal above, and like with achieving any goal, something has to give.

With test prep especially, a lot has to give.

Though test prep is for a great and life-changing cause, it does come with its cons.

Below is an outline of both the pros and cons of test prep, and what you should keep in mind about it.


It gives you an added edge to getting a high score in the said test you are prepping for

With test prep, you aren’t just studying generally. Here, you have high impact study points that if tackled properly, could help you get a high score in whatever test/exam you are taking.

Unlike with general reading where you are taking on a ton of random topics, some which may not be touched on in the test itself, a test prep puts your eye right on the prize with the study guide you employ.

Test prepping helps to refresh your mind on things you probably already learned and enables you to get in some new bits you might have skipped in the past during your general study.

You get help from an expert in test prepping

The expert in this regard is the tutor you or your parents may have employed to help you get ready for your test/exam.

Just like a subject/course teacher teaches and helps you understand a course/subject over the course of the term or semester, the tutor you use for test prep does the same thing.

Instead of just helping you understand a course or subject like a typical teacher would, a test prep tutor helps you work towards acing your test/exam based on a study guide.

Test prep tutors are beneficial, as they have tutored tons of people in the past, and have a first-hand experience with telling you bits and pieces to look out for.

Having an experienced tutor by your side during this final stage before you sit for that test or exam is a great asset to have.


It may lead to certain unhealthy habits

The pressure that accompanies prepping for a test has been known to push students to certain unhealthy habits like drug use, last-minute studying, cramming, etc.

The use of drugs to prevent tiredness while you study, staying awake, etc., has been known to lead to dire consequences.

Students who may have used drugs to help cope with test prep have been known to become addicts on some level.

Test prep has also gotten some students to form the habit of waiting until the last minute to study/cram.

Instead of studying all through the school term/semester, they resort to cramming during test prep.

Cramming is an unhealthy way of learning as it doesn’t indeed allow for a proper understanding of the course/subject at hand.

It costs money

Proper test prep does cost money, as the right kind of tutor does not come cheap.

Test prep tutors are professionals at getting you ready for the test ahead, and the best ones do not come cheap. The work they do with a student isn’t easy.

Aside from the cost of getting a test prep tutor, employing the services of a tutor is highly beneficial, and if it can be afforded, it should be taken advantage of.

Could lead to mental exhaustion

When you study daily all through the term/semester, the workload is spaced out somewhat.

You can get your schoolwork done and still do other things, because you are just studying generally, and not prepping for a specific test/exam.

Here, both your physical and mental health has enough time to relax in between study times, unlike with test preps.

If your entire strategy of passing that test or exam lies in that final test prep, then both physical and mental exhaustion is bound to happen.

This is a very dangerous situation to be in, as breaking down before or during the exam could happen, and this would defeat the entire purpose of the test prep.


Despite test preps being accompanied with cons, test prep should not be skipped, as it is very important and would help you out a great deal during that test or exam.

There is a way to manage the cons of test prep, and that is to not depend solely on that last-minute preparation when it comes to tests and exams.

Studying on your own after each topic of each subject helps to break down the workload, and ultimately takes off the pressure and stress during the actual test prep.

If you wait till a few weeks before that test or exam, a lot could go wrong, and you ultimately become flooded with all the test prep cons listed above.

Test prep is an excellent tool to ace any test or exam, but what is an even more excellent tool, would be to combine general studies all through the term or semester, and the test prep itself just before the test or exam.

This way, instead of scrambling and trying to cram, which is never advised, you are already well prepared.

You already truly understand all the highpoints of the course or subject you are taking the test or exam on, and hence, the test prep would help refresh your memory in regards to the things you may have learned in the past.

Another way to make the most out of your test prep endeavors would be to have a tutor work with you all through the term or semester if you can afford it.

With their professionalism, experience, and commitment to just helping you instead of several people, you get excellent help staying on track, and passing that test or exam in a breeze.

If you aren’t able to afford a tutor, don’t worry, you can still do it on your own.

The key is to start early and be consistent.